“I am sick to death of the endless untruths…
So much festering stink has been spoken about me
And I’m here to set the record straight before it’s too late.”

        The first one-woman feature film, Golden Vanity tells the story of a Judy Garland-esque movie star over the course of one night in 1967 as she tape-records what she thinks are her memoirs but could soon become her suicide note. 

        In a solo tour-de-force, Melora Hardin (NBC's The Office & Amazon's Transparent) powerfully and painfully embodies the end product of the Hollywood use-me-up and spit-me-out machinery.

        Drunk and alone in her empty mansion, Golden Vanity is Ms. Montgomery-Mayflower’s last chance to preserve her horrifying and hilarious life story, one last shot to relive the glory days, before it’s too late...